Small Groups

Connecting people who call Southside home and encouraging them to grow closer to Jesus together.

Groups are a huge part of who we are as a church.

Simple Groups

We know that this year has made things different and a little difficult for everybody, and staying connected can be a little challenging. At Southside we want to give you every opportunity to connect not only to your church family, but more importantly to Jesus through His word. That is why on January 3rd we’re starting a new type of small group called Simple Groups. A Simple Group is a very small group of 3 to 5 people where the leader of the group texts scripture to their group. Now you can have a space where conversations can happen about what you read. So you get a little glimpse of being in a small group, in a very simple and safe way during these crazy times we live in. 

Email Matthew Riley if you have questions or would like more info about groups

Small Group Leader Resources

Small group leader training.

This weeks Sermon Questions

Group Questions 

1- This week we talked about Exile, and the Promise of Restoration through the book of Ezekiel. What comes to mind when you think of the words, Exile or Restoration?

2- God's people had been conquered by the Babylonians and many were taken far from their homes. Do you remember why this happened, and why do you think God would allow it?

3- God's people had drifted from Him and were worshipping other idols, so he allowed the exile to happen. But instead of turning to God they turned to Egypt for help. Can you think of a similar situation in modern day when people are suffering because of their sinful choices, and then turn to something other than God for help? Why do you think we as people do that?

4- Read Ezekiel 36:33-36. Look at the order of the way God doesn't things. God's people are far from home, and that home has been destroyed, but God says He will clean them first. Then they will go home, then the city will be rebuilt, then the land will be healed. Why does God go in that order?

5- Read Ezekiel 36:26-27. What stands our to you from these verses?

6- Take turns reading Ezekiel 37:1-14. Really try and picture this story as you're hearing it. What can we learn from Ezekiel's vision today?

7- Read Romans 8:11. This is a big deal. Why do we forget that? How would life be deferent for us if we remembered everyday that the Spirit of the living God dwells inside of us?