Small Groups

Connecting people who call Southside home and encouraging them to grow closer to Jesus together.

Groups are a huge part of who we are as a church.

Small Group Sign Up

Interested in joining a small group? Below you will find 2 different types a groups you can sign-up for. We have some that meet in person, and we have some that don't meet in person called Simple groups. A Simple Group is a very small group of 3 to 5 people where the leader of the group texts scripture to their group. Now you can have a space where conversations can happen about what you read. So you get a little glimpse of being in a small group, in a very simple and safe way during these crazy times we live in. 

Email Matthew Riley if you have questions or would like more info about groups

Small Group Leader Resources

Small group leader training.

This weeks Sermon Questions

Group Discussion Guide

How To Bless Your Neighbor Wk 6


1- On Sunday, we wrapped up our current series of messages. What are some ways this series has made a difference in your life?

2- Read Romans 10:13-14 together. Why do you think so many Christians struggle to share their Jesus Story (testimony)?

3- Read Genesis 12:10 together. How was this famine a test for Abram’s faith?

4- Read Genesis 12:11-13 & Proverbs 3:5-6 together. How do these verses relate to each other? 

5- Read Genesis 12:14-20 together. What truth(s) do we learn about God in these verses?

6- Abram chose to hide his faith in the LORD. Rather than telling the Egyptians about the LORD, he hid his identity. This resulted in Abram becoming a curse to Pharoah rather than a blessing. How can this story impact our lives today?

7- The first step to sharing your Jesus Story is to put your story together. There are 3 parts to walk through. Read through each one and allow each person to answer the questions. 

- What was your life like before you knew Jesus?

- How did you meet Jesus?

- What are the differences that Jesus has made in your life?

8- Who do you need to share your Jesus Story with?

9- Spend time in prayer together. Ask Jesus to provide opportunities for you to continue to live our the Bless Practices this week. And ask Him to remove any fear or hesitation in sharing your Jesus Story with others.