Southside Christian Church at CIY 2023

Christ In Youth (CIY) 2023

CIY MOVE is a five-day program for high school students to experience God. Each week includes daily devotional times, nightly worship celebrations, community discipleship, and challenging messages. MOVE is a summer event designed for high school students to know Jesus better, deepen their relationships, and to be sent out to do Kingdom Work.

We take a group of our students each year to CIY! This year we are going June 12-16 and are taking signups! More information on the trip can be found on their website here and below.

What are the important details if I'm considering going?

How do I sign up? : In the Chapel, Welcome Desk, finding any staff member, or email

Date : June 12-16

Cost : $200 per student

Due date for signups and payment : March 1st

Food : meals while at CIY are covered by your ticket

Travel : The church will be covering all travel costs outside of one potential meal on the way down and one on the way back.

Activities : Are listed in more detail on their website.